Captaining a Yacht with Joshua Kerrigan

Josh Kerrigan & Yachting

Joshua Kerrigan holds a license that allows him to captain a yacht weighing up to 200 tons. He’s one of the youngest people to receive the designation from the U.S. Coast Guard. This is quite an achievement for Joshua Kerrigan, to be sure, but it does come as the result of many years of hard work and study.

A yacht can be small and nimble, making it easy to maneuver and pilot with precision. A yacht can also be quite long and capable of handling many, many passengers, and these yachts take much more work and experience to handle properly. People like Joshua Kerrigan who want to pilot these sorts of boats must spend years logging time on yachts and watching experienced captains at work. They must also learn a significant amount of terminology, so they can communicate with their crew and other yacht captains on other yachts. Joshua Kerrigan was willing to do this work, and he excelled in his Coast Guard examination. Joshua Kerrigan worked as a yacht captain for five years, and he loved the work. He was able to steer the yachts with precision and he knew just what to do to keep his yachts from becoming damaged on the journey.

Knowing how to pilot a yacht is only part of the equation. Skillful people like Joshua Kerrigan also know the basics of yacht maintenance and repair, so they can make small adjustments to the yacht to keep the vessel afloat and running, no matter what emergency comes along. Joshua Kerrigan put these skills to good use in his career, and he worked in yacht maintenance for many years. At one point, his company managed 300 yachts at a single time.

Joshua Kerrigan also provides marina management services. He makes sure his marinas are clean and well equipped to serve the needs of the permanent visitors as well as the guests. Joshua Kerrigan is also an entertaining and skilful host, helping yacht owners feel comfortable and safe at his marina. Since Joshua Kerrigan is a yacht captain himself, he can also engage in shop talk with other yacht captains, and he enjoys this part of the work immensely.


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