Joshua Kerrigan and His Running Hobby

Josh Kerrigan Loves Running

Like most Americans, Joshua Kerrigan had a slightly sedentary lifestyle. He worked at a marina, which could give him an opportunity to exercise and move about, but he spent most of his time preparing budgets and invoices as he sat at a desk. When he was a young man, Joshua Kerrigan was an active swimmer and physical activity was a big part of each and every day. But as he got older, Joshua Kerrigan found that he had less time and motivation to devote to exercise. Rather than complaining about the situation, Joshua decided to do something about it. Joshua Kerrigan started a running program.

According to some experts, over 23 million Americans run twice per week. This is a large amount of people, and you’ve likely seen them jogging along in the dark, pre-dawn hours in your neighborhood. Some people run because they’re training for a marathon or other athletic competition. Other people like Joshua Kerrigan run because they simply like the feel of the ground beneath their feet.

Running can help your bones get stronger. As your muscles pull on your bones with each step, the bones become thicker. Runners like Joshua reduce their risk of fractures because they run. During a run, your heart races and your blood begins to course freely through your body. This can help people like Joshua Kerrigan avoid heart disease and strokes. And, running helps you burn calories and stay trim. This could help Joshua Kerrigan avoid obesity-related diseases such as diabetes.

Running also has mental benefits. Busy professionals like Joshua Kerrigan may have multiple meetings and phone calls to accomplish each day, and it seems like someone is always asking for attention or information. During a run, Joshua Kerrigan can free his mind and simply focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Many runners like Joshua report entering a meditative phase when they run, and they report that they come up with innovative solutions to perplexing problems during their daily exercise sessions. Since Joshua Kerrigan must deal with customers all day, having a solitary moment of peace with no interruptions can seem like quite a blessing, and he emerges from the run feeling calm and relaxed. It’s a perfect activity for Joshua Kerrigan, and he works at running 5 miles per week.


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