Car and Boat Handling: A Discussion with Joshua Kerrigan

Joshua Kerrigan on Car and Boat Handling

It’s become cliché to suggest that men love machines with motors. Like many clichés, this statement does have a basis in fact. Most men love to have control over a machine, and they love to move quickly in that machine. Joshua Kerrigan is no different. He’s passionate about boats and trucks, and he’s developed helpful skills he can use when he pilots these vehicles.

Since Joshua Kerrigan works at a marina, he must drive a truck to work each day. Sometimes he must haul boats from place to place, and sometimes he must pick up heavy supplies to bring back to the marina. Economy cars are not equipped to handle this sort of cargo, so Joshua Kerrigan relies on his truck to do the work for him. Modern trucks handle better than the trucks of years gone by, but they still require a firm hand. It’s hard to see the space directly in front of and behind a large truck, so Joshua Kerrigan has developed a precise sense of the length of his car. This allows him to maneuver into tight spaces in his large trucks. The large engines of trucks can also eat up a large amount of fuel if they’re driven improperly. Joshua Kerrigan knows just how to coax the best performance out of his truck.

Handling a boat is, in some ways, similar to handling a large truck. Boats can have large engines that must be treated with care, so they don’t sputter and die in the middle of a trip. Joshua Kerrigan knows how to handle these engines with ease. Unlike cars and trucks, boats are moving on a surface that is also moving. A boat that is simply idling could still be moving, even if the operator doesn’t notice the movement. This means that Joshua Kerrigan must keep an eye on his equipment at all times when he’s on the water. Inattentiveness could cause him to drift off course.

When Joshua Kerrigan was younger, he was interested in taking vehicles out for speedy trips. There’s something attractive about driving fast or skipping quickly over the water. Nowadays, however, Joshua Kerrigan is less likely to experiment with speed. The cars and yachts he’s operating are often much too expensive to toy with in this manner, and the thrill of speed is just not as intoxicating as it once was. Joshua Kerrigan would prefer to take it slow and work with precision.


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